We have launched our blog!

In Ackee we focus on smart solutions that facilitate our work and our clients to ensure a better outcome.

Our goal is not only to rush forward, but sometimes even stop and evaluate whether something could not be done better.

On this blog we will present our insights and proven procedures either for your own use, or to assess whether we’re doing everything well. We believe that we do :-).

I wish you a pleasant and inspiring reading!

Josef Gattermayer – technical manager Ackee

Josef Gattermayer

Josef Gattermayer

Co-Founder and CIO

Tour of the Silicon Valley

Like any technology enthusiast as an obligation during his visit to California is to explore the famous Silicon Valley . Not only that I wonder where they produce products and services that I use every day and hundreds of millions of other people, but since we are dealing in Ackee with our new office , I also took a little inspiration ( haha ) 🙂 .



Dominik VeselĂ˝

Software Analyst & Architect