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Internationalization of a Static Website with GatsbyJS

Do you use React? Do you need an internationalized static website? We have a brand new GatsbyJS starter supporting you out-of-box! Check out our Github.

In Ackee, we use React as the main front-end technology. Most of the time we create SPAs, but sometimes we need to create a static website with just a few pages, and an internationalization is compulsory every time. There is a lot of static site builders but if you want something easy to use with React, you should go with GatsbyJS and its huge starter ecosystem.


Marek Janča

Marek Janča

Front-end Web Developer

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Thanks Apple for the ’19 WWDC

Last few years, the WWDC keynote was mostly about introducing new features into Apple operating systems that were focusing mainly on the end user. It looked like Apple forgot that the letter D in WWDC means Developer. Everything was all about introducing new UI, new gestures or introducing new hardware. We were again and again wondering if something was changing and Apple would come up with some real game changer even for developers and again and again we were a bit disappointed that it never happened. But this year it’s a completely different story. (more…)

Jakub Olejník

Jakub Olejník

iOS Developer