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Who Will Solve Google reCaptcha?

How to fill up the inbox with spam? Create a contact form without captcha!

Did the form focused against bots Google reCaptcha step into your way? And did it ever stop you from automatically gathering information from a website? Captcha by Google can be worked around by machine, but there are only a couple options and not all of them are suitable or functional. There is, however, a solution and it might surprise you that it is not so surprising. So who will solve Google captcha?


Tomáš Dvořák

Tomáš Dvořák

Frontend Developer

How to Get the Customers that You Really Want

Set Up a Strategy and Do Not Under-Price Contracts

You will be very familiar with the following situation. You are a starting company which is not known on the market. Or you are a bigger company, but a client falls out suddenly. Or you just crave to get an interesting customer with the vision of long-term cooperation. You get an invitation into the public tender which you want to win. What do you do? You Under-Price the contract. Let’s be honest – it is probably something that everybody went through at some point. However, there are several reasons why this strategy should not become your standard. (more…)