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How to Save on App Development

Development and maintenance of information systems is a big expense. In Ackee, we focus on the whole process of application creation from its specification through the design and development to the testing. That is why we know that the road from the idea to a finished app in the store can be complicated, long and expensive. So how to make sure that your application does not cost too much? (more…)

Marek Elznic

Marek Elznic

Project Manager

How to Get the Customers that You Really Want

Set Up a Strategy and Do Not Under-Price Contracts

You will be very familiar with the following situation. You are a starting company which is not known on the market. Or you are a bigger company, but a client falls out suddenly. Or you just crave to get an interesting customer with the vision of long-term cooperation. You get an invitation into the public tender which you want to win. What do you do? You Under-Price the contract. Let’s be honest – it is probably something that everybody went through at some point. However, there are several reasons why this strategy should not become your standard. (more…)

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Ackee Agile: Our Approach to App Development

18 years have passed since the publication of the agile development manifesto, which is a really long time in IT. However, we still do not use it as often as we would like. Agile methodologies are not universally applicable to all. For which projects and customers is therefore agile suitable and how can it really look like in the real life of agency development? (more…)

Marek Elznic

Marek Elznic

Project Manager

Micro services in the agency development?

As you might know from our previous blogs, our primary language for writing backends is Node.js. One of the main reasons why we have chosen this technology was that we started to feel the limits of all the other classic monolithic applications, where all the basic logics, renders, request processing and so on were done in one codebase. It was rather limiting not only technologically, but also from the human resources point of view. Also in the area of our PHP “ends”, according to our recently finished projects, we used to divide the final depicting layers into the individual thin client written in React. But we wanted to go even further; dividing the backend into multiple smaller and self-maintaining parts.



Dominik Veselý

Software Analyst & Architect