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Part 1: Creating iOS App With Smart Contract Interaction

Tezos smart contracts have matured a lot – and it’s time to use them in iOS apps, closer to the users’ hands. 😉 Throughout this tutorial we will write a smart contract using and then move to Xcode and get a hands-on experience with interacting with our contract in Swift using generated code from tezosgen. Note that this tutorial will touch on the most important parts of RateMyTeam app and is not a complete step-by-step tutorial. (more…)

Marek Fořt

Marek Fořt

iOS Developer

How to Get the Customers that You Really Want

Set Up a Strategy and Do Not Under-Price Contracts

You will be very familiar with the following situation. You are a starting company which is not known on the market. Or you are a bigger company, but a client falls out suddenly. Or you just crave to get an interesting customer with the vision of long-term cooperation. You get an invitation into the public tender which you want to win. What do you do? You Under-Price the contract. Let’s be honest – it is probably something that everybody went through at some point. However, there are several reasons why this strategy should not become your standard. (more…)