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If we weren’t born Praguers, we would be Berliners. We are all about the Berlin lifestyle. We are based in a cool, co-working place in the heart of Schönberg, we hang around IT events, we enjoy the local culture, but mainly, we also develop tip-top mobile apps in Berlin.

Why are we in Berlin?

In the midst of events

In the midst of events

For technological companies and startups, Berlin is becoming the European Silicon Valley. We would be fools if we didn’t stick around. In Berlin we are closer to our current and also future clients.

Cosmic background

Cosmic background

Space Shack? We would never let go. This unique coworking offers us a calm office and an inspiring open space and spacious area where we can arrange meet-ups and spread our know-how.

Loads of IT, slightly punk

Loads of IT, slightly punk

The atmosphere here is undescribable; people, streets, food. Business, art and fun come alive next to each other. To experience this is a must! Sometimes we bring this spirit into our Harbour. #fishingforartists

This is how we do it in Berlin

Apps going to Berlin

Our branch-office in Berlin works as a business and communication point. Our team here can easily take care of on-site problems and communicate with clients in German. The main design and development of the app is handled by our in-house professional team in Prague.

For instance, currently we are working on a new mobile app for German Bundestag. To learn more about our recent activities go to our Blog or References.

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