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Every manager wants to learn from the past and be able to plan for the future better. You already have the answers to all the questions about your business. They are hidden in the data your company already has, you can just find the answers in it. And that is why we are here.

Why us?


We are certified for Big Data solution Cassandra by its manufacturer Datastax.


Our solution is also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.


Engineers from Ackee teach about processing Big Data and its benefits at the Czech Technical University.

Analysing Big Data

It is beyond human capacity to make sense of large amounts of data by the naked eye. We use advanced algorithms for this to help you dredge up information from big data that you would not obtain otherwise.

What does analysing Big Data mean?

Data full of hidden information originate in your company constantly. During work of your employees, your machines or in transactions which you carry out with your clients and suppliers. Big Data analysis aims is to find order in this data and to obtain information from it that will be useful in your decision making. This process utilizes advanced programs and algorithms based on mathematics and informatics.


Why is it useful to your business?

Investment evaluation

You can only make guesses without this information. Will setting up a new department pay off to you? How effective is the existing one? Will you succeed in a new market? You already have all the answers. There is no reason to make guesses and invest recklessly.


Marketing does not have to be a financial black hole. Big Data analysis will help you identify various groups of your clients, which can you can target better thanks to new information. You will learn more about their behaviour, such as in what interval they buy a particular product, and you can adjust your marketing communication accordingly.

On-line analytics

E-shops and other retail sites are gold mines for analyzing Big Data. Visitors leave plenty of data about them which you can use to determine what kinds of clients actually go to your shop, which products are really interested in and why some of them leave your website without buying anything.

Improving business processes

Your information systems generate large amounts of data that cannot be seen. However, that data will tell you most about where you waste your time or your employees’ work unnecessarily.

Looking for answers? Let us know and we will find them for you.

Machine learning

Sometimes you need to make a decision instantly. A machine is able to handle something within a few milliseconds but that what would take hours to a person.It just takes to teach the machine to do it.

That’s what machine learning is about

Computers are still not smarter than humans but they are definitely faster and they can handle huge amounts of data without errors. Machine learning deals with teaching computers to navigate in data and to respond quickly to changes in data. The learning process utilises statistics, data mining and a lot of techniques from the field of artificial intelligence. “Trained” computers assist, for example, banks in detecting fraud with credit cards, or e-mail services in detecting spam.

Do you need to make decisions instantly and without errors? Let us know!

Learning Macbook

Predictive analysis

Your historical data hide the future. Using predictive analysis can help you detect it before your competitors will see it.

What is predictive analysis?

Predictive analysis utilises the Big Data analysis and machine learning to help us predict as accurately as possible, based on historical data, future developments or to identify threats and the risks you have to face. To do this, we use it primarily statistical models to which we project information from your data. Then we are able to give real-time predictions of future developments and to warn you of threats before they become problems.


What can you use predictive analysis for?

Risk assessment

In historical data, machines are able to find a pattern that has led repeatedly to an undesirable event. As a result, they are able to provide early warning of impending risks with quantifying the probability that an event will actually occur.

Market development

Some markets (particularly financial ones) generate huge amounts of data in real time; analysing it can help to predict how they will evolve in the future.

Client behaviour

If you know how your clients will behave in the near future, you will be able to customize a lot of processes – from marketing to logistics. We can use their past shopping behaviour to estimate their future behaviour, both aggregately (what they will buy in the summer) and individually (a client buys softener every 2 weeks).

Fraud detection

Frauds who use sophisticated methods are hard to uncover. Using predictive analysis helps us to uncover suspicious activities that can be prevented in time.

Do you want to see the future?

Big Data solution by Ackee

Consultations of your business plan
Tell us about your business activities and what answers you are looking for. We will explain to you how we will find them.
Data Sorting
Collecting and sorting data
We will gather as much useful data as possible and prepare it for analysis.
We will create smart algorithms made-to-measure to the problem you face. We will apply them on the collected data and wait for them to find the answers you seek.
A computer browses data and learns in it to look for patterns and relationships.
Evaluating in real time
A “trained” computer will browse fresh data for already learned patterns. If it finds them, it will forecast future developments.
Do you want to use your data meaningfully?

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