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We have decided to share the technological knowledge and experience we have gathered in our field as per request from our clients. We share it with the companies where we implement the latest technologies, such as Swift, Node.js, Reach, and many more.

What we are masters in

Mobile aplikace

Learn From the Experts

We are not academics. Everything we know comes from our long-term practice and experience in technical development.

Web aplikace

Master the Latest Technologies

Give your clients the option to work with apps, an opportunity they deserve in the 21st Century.

Big data

English or Czech? Not a Problem

We cooperate with clients from all over the world. A high-quality command over the English language comes naturally to us.

Developed Technologies


Mobile Apps

Do you need your employees to be prepared for the development of your mobile app? We provide intensive and specific training in the development of native apps for top platforms such as iOS and Android.


Web Apps

Well-functioning web apps can’t exist without technologies such as Node.js, React or the foundational PHP Nette. Come learn about these technologies with us!

Do you want an app from professionals?

What Our Clients Say


Štěpán Rezek


“We chose Ackee in an international competition where British firms were also taking part. The training was prepared according to our wishes and we were very satisfied. I appreciate their professionalism, carefulness of preparation, practical examples, and general enthusiasm for technology.”


Pavel Ečer

IPR Praha

“We are very satisfied with the courses. For boys, they are very very helpful. We are able to write what we need, but it is rigid and unnecessarily complicated... Courses will help set up modern trends and especially change the thinking of programmers and their teamwork, and this is even more important.”


Sebastian Rüggeberg


“We decided to reprogram our ERP-system with the PHP-Framwork Nette. Because we hadn’t had much experience with Nette, we arranged a 4-day-seminar with Martin Humenik, a highly experienced Nette-Developer, who gave us the introduction. Martin was well prepared for the seminar and brought a fully working code-example with all the required features that we had given him in advance. In the seminar he taught us how to develop using Nette, focusing on the parts relevant to our company’s work. With Martin’s help we managed to avoid many beginner-errors, as well as what could have been weeks of research and frustration trying to get started with Nette!”

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