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An invoice robot called Fakturoid needed a mobile application in order to help entrepreneurs issue invoices at home and in the field as well. Therefore, the Fakturoid and Ackee started working together and a brand new mobile application has been developed for iOS and Android. It offers a lot of useful functions and has an attractive look.


The application won the visitors‘ award at the 17th AppParade


It can issue an invoice in a minute


It can display unsettled invoices in 3 steps


The Fakturoid is a unique instrument. It provides entrepreneurs with a wide range of mobile application functions that help them and make paperwork easier and more pleasant. Developing the mobile application, we had to choose the functions entrepreneurs wanted to use and have in their mobile phones. Therefore, we conducted an in-depth survey and asked the Fakturoid users directly in order to find and choose the right functions for them.


Every person who has already worked with a paper invoice knows how much data there are in the paper invoice. We aimed at gathering all the important data and we displayed them correctly on a small mobile phone display. Therefore, we have designed an easy way how to do it. It is smart, elegant, it does not disturb or distract the user and it shows the invoice correctly and clearly.



The Fakturoid mobile application has been developed for iOS and Android as well. The implementation took almost 1 year – any errors must not be made in the full operation. We did it! The application won the visitors‘ choice award at the 17th AppParade, just several weeks after it had been launched.


The Fakturoid application for iOS and Android helps entrepreneurs and small businesses and make the paperwork easier. Even on a tram or at a client’s place, they can issue invoices. They issue an invoice by a few easy movements and check if it has already been settled. Thanks to a simple design, it is easy to work with and it saves their valuable time. The application is available for free.


Lukáš Konarovský, the Fakturoid co-founder


We are creating a new cloud service. Extension for mobile phones and mobile devices is a logical stage that must come after it. We are happy our robot works in smartphones and it useful for current clients. It can even attract new clients.


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