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We are here to develop your requests and ideas into the best apps this world has ever seen. Your wish is our command! We are experts in mobile app development for iOS and Android. Our work focuses on the conglomeration of a vast user interface, artistic graphics and a strong base of technical knowledge.

Ackee s.r.o.
Ackee s.r.o.

You will love our apps


We can deal with everything

We develop apps for German Bundestag and the Ethereum Foundation, so any other challenge can't scare us!


We are ahead of others

With our experience and insight, we can predict what the IT future will look like. For example, we used Kotlin before it became the official Android language.


We have the know-how

We organize training sessions, meetings and teach mobile application development at a prestigious university in Prague.

Our satisfied clients

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Areas of our app development


Finances in your hands

We can develop an app for both bank and P2P financial projects. We always consider safety the biggest priority during development, and we have a wide range of experience with multi-factor security. In addition, when connecting it with a great UX, it will create a brilliantly simple app.

  1. Encrypted Databases
  2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  3. Code Review
  4. UX Testing
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Sharing economy

Share with us

Have you ever used Uber, Airbnb or Rekola? The shared economy is on fire now. It saves money in your pocket, the environment and, most importantly, connects people. At Ackee, we like to support such projects because everybody knows that "sharing is caring!”

  1. P2P Projects
  2. UX Research
  3. Code Review
  4. photo

For mobile shops

Whether it's about goods, services or information, thanks to our apps you can easily control all your transactions. All the information is in one place, requiring just a few clicks before it’s all done. Shopping is made easy, allowing you to do it in a tram or while waiting in a queue.

  1. Data Analysis
  2. Code Review
  3. UX Testing
  4. photo

Traveling is in our pocket

Guides, navigation, maps or a travel assistant - we have experience with the development of various kinds of apps from this area and we are delighted to make new smart features for our clients, making travel even more comfortable.

  1. Route planning
  2. Play audio instructions
  3. Offline functionality
  4. photo

Delivery after a few clicks

Anything to bring, pick up, relocate or take away. Logistical apps have to function reliably, have simple controls and accurately scrubbed processes such as sending notifications or route planning. That’s when it saves costs.

  1. UX Research
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Code Review
  4. photo
We like challenges


We are happy to accept new technological challenges and we are not afraid of really big projects. Lately we have been working with an augmented reality and helping to adapt the blockchain - we enjoy smart contracts and interconnect with the cryptoworld.

  1. AR and VR
  2. Reactive Programming
  3. Blockchain
  4. Second Screen Experience
  5. photo

You will love our apps


User friendly

When designing a concept, we are thinking about UX and UI. We want to create a design and a user-friendly app in one.


Modern technology

We use the latest technologies, including new things from iOS and Android. Thanks to this we can easily adapt to your growth and innovation.


Responsive solution

Our applications will run on any device and will look and function as you expected.



Our apps are so fast and lightweight you wouldn’t even know what hit ya!


Quality code

Thanks to the carefully created native code, our apps run quickly and efficiently, and thanks to the QA departments, they are tested and have no intentions to fall.


Verified backend

Google Cloud, Firebase, Amazon - apps are safe with us, and we know where they will be taken the best care of.

In modern technologies,
we feel like home

We play with the latest trends in the digital world. We put emphasis on quality and, if it makes sense to, we innovate!

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