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Dream job for developers

The people behind the OLAP project share the common goal of connecting people and helping them with their personal development. Because this project is about satisfying developers, a matter close to our hearts, we put our hands to  work and developed the OLAP website.

Our solution

We designed and developed a website using modern presentation and an internal administrative environment that automatically generates profiles for all individual job candidates, projects, and companies seeking new employees.

Main benefit

OLAP allows developers to build their careers and do what they love, while simultaneously making it easier for companies to find the most suitable candidates for their needs. Such a project felt close to us at Ackee, so we did not hesitate to cooperate.

Scope of delivery

We have prepared a complete website, which includes graphics, illustrations, and text content, all brought together with a fully responsive administrative environment.

Technology used

We used React, Node.js, and the MySQL database for the web development as well as the administration.

Anna Šenk, Ceo at Olap

Anna Šenk

CEO, Management, Product

Ackee was able to create a website for a startup project within 14 days. For me, that was unbelievably quick and consisted of very good communication - I suggest you ask for Ladislav :-) Ackee is a great option for businesses that need to get started quickly and don’t have time to deal with their IT department. The most common argument is that the agency is expensive, but when realize how many people are needed and how much time you burn looking for optimal variants, you will find that it is ultimately much cheaper.

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