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Práce za rohem

Thousands of offers, just outside your door!

One-third of Czechs spend an hour a day commuting between home and work, and they’re sick and tired of it. The application Práce Za Rohem ranks job listings based on distance from home, helping people find new and better work without the distance.

Práce za rohem App od Ackee
Práce za rohem App od Ackee
Práce za rohem App od Ackee

Our solution

The application development had a strict deadline, with the advertising campaign for television and the website being created simultaneously. Great emphasis was placed on producing pixel-perfect work as a way of establishing the proper aesthetic. The development itself was a short (but very intense) process of 14-day sprints.

Main benefit

The new version of the application is much more complex than the older one. Now, Práce Za Rohem not only searches and filters more job offers, it also sends real-time notifications, offers CV templates, and utilizes an interactive map we customized for the app as a search engine.

Práce za rohem App od Ackee
Práce za rohem App od Ackee

Scope of delivery

IOS and Android, testing

Technology used

RxJava/RxAndroid, API Firebase, Google Analytics, Google MapsAPI

Adam Leitmančík, Product Manager u Práce za rohem

Adam Leitmancik

Product manager

I would like to praise Ackee’s flexibility in solving the assigned tasks as well as the amount of programming capacities provided during each phase of the project. I look forward to future cooperation with this and other projects.

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