Ackee s.r.o.

Augmented reality

Do you want to simply choose your new television and have fun at the same time? Use augmented reality! With a phone in your hand you can easily find out which type you like the best and where to place it!


01 concept

In the Samsung viewfinder

Samsung really appreciated our experiments with augmented reality with BB8. After a short concept presentation we shook our hands and started creating an app in a similar style like IKEA Place.

02 application

Scan it and experiment

All you need is to scan the surroundings and then you can choose a specific model that would fit your room the best. You cat try to fit your new TV wherever you want to without really moving it.

03 design

To get a simple design

The test results indicated that users are not used to work in the environment of augmented reality. Our objective was to create an intuitive environment with minimum hints. And because Unity environment design is really specific, consultations between developer and designer were a necessity.

04 development

AR Unity engine development

Unity is a multiplatform engine supporting a simple work in 3D space. Unlike during the usual app development it was necessary to create all 2D components from the scratch, including animations. The biggest challenge was the walls detection, which in AR is not sufficiently reliable.



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