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Accounting without paperwork

Sečteno is able to completely take care of your accounting so you can concentrate on your business. It is one of the CreativeDock projects, whose aim is to relieve you of concerns, paperwork, and ensure that the accounting will be a source of useful information for you. Invoicing and further communication is provided only online, thus with the Sečteno application you always have a current overview of your business.

Our solution

We have developed a website running on the Wordpress system for Sečteno which uses a number of existing plugins facilitating the work, custom-modified for Sečteno. Thanks to this Sečteno can simply add new content or articles to the blog on its own. The Website is, of course, fully responsive.

Main benefit

Sečteno offers the opportunity not to take care of all the necessary formalities and obligations, but to focus only on your business in addition to gaining more useful data and insights in regard to it. Therefore, we are pleased to help you in not dealing with side tables on Excel and struggling through tons of paper in the evenings!

Scope of delivery

We delivered new websites for Sečteno, but the website operation is ensured by the client itself.

Ondřej Tomeš, Founder of Sečteno

Ondřej Tomeš

Founder at Secteno

The best website for accounting companies in the Czech Republic.

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