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What’s the app development
process like?

What do we do?



We determine the functional requirements and options of technical production.



We propose a solution that allows using the app intuitively.



Regarding UX we connect the functional and esthetic aspects.


No solid basis,
no solid app

Building an app is like building a house – each project begins with technical specification. That is the only way how it is possible to appraise the project and estimate its demands.

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UX Design

An app must be
easily understandable

Our UX designers ensure that the app is easy to use and that our users are able to reach their goal without any difficulties. Everything is processed in close cooperation with the client; all outputs are regularly tested and improved later.

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UI Design

Design as a piece of art

Our apps are thoroughly detailed and they look modern. That is also why users like to come back to them. We don’t need to use templates, we can draw all illustrations and animations ourselves and we can tailor them to the needs of each product.

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Our services


Journey to the application begins before the development itself

The output of an analysis is a technical specification. We prepare it accordingly to a particular client’s assignment. It can help determine the price and hourly estimates for each function, which can give the client detailed information on the demandingness of their project.

  1. Use case specification
  2. Technology choice
  3. Architectural proposal
  4. Project schedule
Design review

Professional feedback

To be intuitive, well arranged and beneficial to the user is crucial in the world of apps and webs. We can objectively evaluate the condition of your application or web, find its weak points and propose possible solutions.

  1. Feedback
  2. Solution proposal
User research

Apps tailor made for users

It is not enough to get under the skin of all users. Primarily, it is important to discover, what target group it is for, who these users are and what their needs, habits and issues are. Thanks to interviews with real users we can design an app tailored to a particular target group.

  1. Interview
  2. User flow
  3. Information architecture

Looking before leaping

Thanks to a user research, prototyping and testing we can detect and improve significant details, which can ameliorate usability and intelligibility of our apps. It is important to run pre-test on relevant users – if you don’t know your target group, you simply can’t meet their needs and expectations.

  1. Wireframe
  2. Screener
  3. Script


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