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Marketing platform expanding print media with a new interactive content

It works by pointing your smart phone onto the ad you found in the newspaper, and thanks to the app you can get a discount voucher or other benefit. We have supplied not only a mobile application for Virgla, but also a content management system (CMS) through which advertisers can manage their ads.


79 403 lines of code

Note for non-programmers – it was really a lot of work.


34 development sprints

Agile development with 14-day sprints for the most flexible responses to change.


Virgla CMS

CMS used by the biggest publishing houses. ANALYSIS


Before we kicked off on the development, we had to choose a technology for the key function of the whole system – the recognition of advertising images using a mobile application. So we created a demo application, in which we have integrated several technologies, tested directly on the client's data. The tested technologies included, for example, Catchoom, Vuforia, Ocutag, ARlab, Moodstocks or Wikitude.




Solutions from Amazon

Given the planned number of users, it was necessary to design the application to run on multiple servers and their number could be scaled linearly. We chose the Amazon platform, where we consistently separated servers with application logic (for each instance we used Amazon EC2) from databases (Amazon RDS) and user data (located on Amazon S3). Then we worked primarily on performance optimization, for example by creating image data in advance for various display resolutions and through consistent image data caching that the server newly created to shorten the loading time during the next use.

Amazon EC2

Amazon RDS

Amazon S3



Agile development

Project development has been taking place in the form of agile development since March 2015, each sprint lasting 14 days. This allows us to react flexibly to changes in the client tasks. SUPPORT


Within the SLA, we provide support for both servers and mobile apps. Thanks to the deployment of the NewRelic platorm, we are able to automatically detect that the response to pressing a button on one specific screen takes too long, and thus identify the problematic place on the server side. The entire platform has been thoroughly tested by stress tests on the targeted number of users. We avoided the synthetic tests and using TestDroid we have created authentic passages of mobile applications, based on which we discovered risk areas in the system.

New relic




Web app Virgla CMS

Virgle CMS is a system for managing the extended print media content that users easily controlled via a web browser. It serves advertisers and publishers who can manage their ads and interactive content. Mobile apps for iOS and Android connects this content with ads.



Application for first czech news startup



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