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Creating web apps

We create simple websites as well as dynamic applications and extensive IT systems for hundreds of thousands users.
We can design your website to be fully functional on computers, tablets or smart phones. We are here to create a user-friendly environment and thorough graphics.

Why to choose our services


Miscellaneous experiences

We have been good partners to small companies as well as multinational corporations with diverse specializations.


We see behind the web

We are able to connect our webs to further systems like SAP, Big Data or Blockchain.



We work with HTML5, PHP and Java.

We let references to speak for us

What are we up to?

Web apps

A sea of web possibilities

If you need your web to be something more than just a representation of a static content, go for web applications. And since we are the experts, come to us.

  1. Single page applications
  2. React, HTML5, CSS3
  3. Responsive apps

Smart and simple

Do you want to detach special content from the main web page or do you need just a simple miniweb for a certain product or event? Microsite would be what you're looking for.

  1. Web administration
  2. Well-arranged environment
  3. Wordpress

Be the boss of your web

We prepare a web administration (Content Management System) through which you can easily manage all the data in your app.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Quick & easy
  3. System integration
Big Data

Take the lead in your business competition

Data is the new coal oil. We can process and evaluate a large amount of data that makes our apps smarter day by day.

  1. NoSQL
  2. Machine learning
  3. Prediction

Reliable environment for both small and big apps

Apps need a well-functioning background so that they can work smoothly and cost reasonable prices even while handling a big surge of users. To solve every issue quickly and make our apps run steadily whatever happens we offer SLA support.

  1. Infrastructure as code
  2. In Cloud and also at the customer's side
  3. Docker and Kubernetes

Make a use of all the digital advantages

We are not afraid of an integration with other systems - our backend communicates well with SAP and also with external services and blockchain.

  1. Middleware
  3. Microservices

Apps tailor-made for customers


Consulting goals

Together we discuss your intention and we find the best solution how should the application look like and serve your business plat the most effectively.


UX & UI design

While creating a visual proposal and the application behavior our designers think of the users and create the app to be understandable and easy to work with.


A responsive design/look

A web app must run on computer, tablet or smartphone and we bear this in mind each time we design a new one.


Technological development

While developing apps we always use the most effective technologies for the particular project; most preferably modern ones but we are not afraid of legacy technology either. legacy.


Bug testing

Our test experts recon the app to trace mistakes and to make sure if the app is understandable for the users and communicates its message comprehensibly.


Web app support

Our web apps are always available, easy to maintain and durable enough to manage a sudden surge of users.

We use the best web technologies

We can handle even the latest trends. We participate on international conferences, we always learn something new and we improve our tech portfolio continuously.

HTML5 logo HTML5
Sass logo Sass
React logo React
NodeJS logo NodeJS
Redux logo Redux
Webpack logo Webpack

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Marek Janča

Front-end Web Developer

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Marek Janča

Marek Janča

Front-end Web Developer

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