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Why to choose our services


Modern technologies

When developing web apps we always use the most efficient technologies for the particular project. In our tech stack you will find React as well as Node.js.


Comprehensive solutions

We specialize in dynamic and progressive web apps and comprehensive IT systems as well as digitalization of business processes. We can also help you with SAP and Salesforce integration.


Quality first

Even the smallest projects have the luxury of UX testing, constant code reviews through merge requests, unit tests and user testing within our QA department.

What are we up to?

Web apps

A sea of web possibilities

If you need your web to be something more than just a representation of a static content, go for web applications. And since we are the experts, come to us.

  1. Single page applications
  2. React, HTML5, CSS3
  3. Responsive apps

Be the boss of your web

We prepare a web administration (Content Management System) through which you can easily manage all the data in your app.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Web administration
  3. System integration

Progressive web apps

Progressive web applications (PWA) combine the best of traditional web apps and native mobile apps – they are reliable, fast, engaging and always accessible.

  1. 100% compatible
  2. Fast & efficient
  3. Offline browsing

We use the best web technologies

HTML 5 logo HTML 5
React logo React
Node.js logo Node.js
Webpack logo Webpack
Redux logo Redux
Next.js logo Next.js
Sass logo Sass
RxJS logo RxJS
Eslint logo Eslint
Docker logo Docker
Jenkins logo Jenkins
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Co-Founder and CIO

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Jakub Baierl

Jakub Baierl

Frontend Lead

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