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One, Two, Three - Win! is the largest online contest organizer in the Czech Republic, offering new valuable prizes from various partners via Facebook, daily. Instructions for contestants are clear: Like, Share, Comment, and Win! And now, you can do it all through the Winitio application created by Ackee.

Winitio app from Ackee
Winitio app from Ackee
Winitio app from Ackee

Our solution

We really enjoyed working on the Winitio project. For the first time, we tried to create a complex application that had a link to Facebook. This meant a lot of work especially for our backenders, because the app had to go through a complicated approval process on social networks. Users can easily compete in a user-friendly application interface where they can choose amongst several colorful environments.

Main benefit

When using the Winitio application, each user has the ability to not only compete for great prizes by applying likes, sharing, and comments, but also to watch winners in the winner’s section for complete transparency of competition. It is also possible to publish winning photos with prizes to provide feedback for other contestants. There is no complicated registration process, just sign in through your Facebook account and try your luck in the game. Even if you don’t win, you won’t fall short because the app offers discounts and other promotions from partnering stores.

Winitio app from Ackee
Winitio app from Ackee
Winitio app from Ackee

Scope of delivery

In addition to iOS and Android applications, our developers have also coded an administration website with backend solutions. Complete graphics and texts come from Ackee as well. Finally, after consulting with our client in regards to the name of the app, we decided on Winitio!

Technology used

The applications are written in Swift and Kotlin, administered in React, and we used Node.js for the backend parts.

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