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Making small children take care of their teeth does not just happen, every parent can confirm that. The Health Earth project has decided to tackle this problem in a playful way, where children help to protect a magical land from an attack by cavities and other menaces. All this in a web application adapted for use on tablets and desktops from Ackee.


The entire application is implemented purely in HTML 5


The game is adjusted for use on tablets


Support for the iOS system due to the absence of Flash technology



In order to be able to play on mobile devices with different operating systems, we decided to use modern HTML 5 technology instead of classic Adobe Flash. The app can run on virtually any PC or even on a less powerful tablet in your web browser. Using HTML 5 we achieved lower system resource usage, and thanks to hardware acceleration all the animation is beautifully smooth.


The most interesting in terms of technology is the use of the Extended Toolkit for Adobe Flash and the subsequent export of Flash objects to JavaScript. Thanks to this, Health Earth is capable of running in real time on computers and less powerful tablets with minimal latency, which would not be possible if we had used the originally planned Flash.

Table iPad

The health earth web application

Health Earth is a three-part online game for elementary school students, which motivates them to take better care of their teeth in a fun way. Each of the three parts is enhanced by a large number of interactive quizzes, which the children earn points for in the form of teeth. Teachers can easily track the status of a quiz completion on the server. The young players just need a tablet or PC and an Internet browser to play – nothing needs to be installed. The entire application is built purely on modern HTML 5technology, so that all animations are beautifully smooth and the game can be played on most mobile devices. The project was supported by the VZP (General Health Insurance Company).