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We have a creative in-house team, our clients can speak directly with developers, analytics or graphic designers - so the best ideas get to your app!


Mobile apps

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We have worked for individuals, start-ups and corporates. We don't just develop, we deliver a complete service - design, consultations and marketing.



mobile apps


Our mobile apps have won 3x at AppParade contest. We were awarded by IBM, Vodafone and Apple.

My cooperation with Ackee have lasted for two years. The reason why I chose them is that they are simly the best.
David Bartoš, CEO at Babysitting.today
My cooperation with Ackee have lasted for two years. The reason why I chose them is that they are simly the best.
David Bartoš, CEO at Babysitting.today
I would like to thank Ackee for quick and effective responses and reaction to our specific requirements and help with the input of the data.
David Mannl, Project manager for Performance Management, Employee Mobility and Online Media at Deloitte
The choice of realization partner was not an easy decision for our case. Technical erudition, references are substantial requirements. But what I personally appreciate in my cooperation with Ackee is individual approach, reliability and invention which they applied to the whole process.
Martin Čarek, Founder at Pocket Fennec
The best website for accounting companies in the Czech Republic
Ondřej Tomeš, Founder at Secteno
Ackee built our Android app, our first mobile app that supports virtual reality. We were very satisfied both with the cooperation and the results of their work and look forward to continued cooperation.
Bruce Pales, CEO at 360Cities
Our application aims to asian markets, where game rules are little bit different. Ackee faced this challange without fear and managed to finish this task profesionally and at high level.
Adam Valenta, Founder at Cooljam Tour
Guys from Ackee are taking care of all our mobile applications and we have together cooperated on development on new ones. Above all we appreciate their agility, their approach to the development process and loads of good ideas.
Martin Štekl, CTO at Dame Jidlo
Choosing Ackee, as our technological partner, was the best decisions which I could have done. Simply - we gave Ackee our idea, which wasn't even final and the result was a website and application, which overcame our expectations.
Jakub Gottwald, Bageterie Boulevard

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Mobile aplikace
Mobile apps development

Mobile apps are our primary passion. We have completed tens of successful apps, some of them were even awarded. We develop native for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Web aplikace
Web apps development

We build web apps with atractive design and modern technologies. We create static microsites, eshops, complete information systems or for example games in HTML5. For mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

Big data
Big Data analysis

We can extract past and predict the future from your data. We are not scared by any amount of data - we work in Cassandra, Hadoop and Hive.

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We have delivered many projests during our 4 roky years of existence. Check it out.

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Modern iOS app architectures

I have recently run into a few problems with our MVVM architecture, which we’ve been using for the past 2 years. They are known weak points of MVVM, namely navigation and global app state. Despite these and other shortcomings, MVVM has been growing in popularity, but other competing architectures have also been gaining ground (mostly because everyone is running away from MVC). Just like two years ago, I felt like it was time to look around and assess the state of iOS app architectures and best practices in 2016.

An Introduction to MVP on Android

Programming for Android may be tricky due to several reasons. One of them is the poor separation of concerns. If some experienced developer is used to coding the “clean” way and now moves to Android, he may be quite confused by the relative mess of the native components inside. Often the Activities, Adapters or Fragments have to mix application logic, data access and presentation within because Android's architecture doesn’t offer any effective mechanisms to separate them. The result is a loosely coupled, arduously extendable application which is vulnerable to errors, hard to test as well as maintain. Fortunately, Android's development doesn’t stand still and more new patterns and interpretations of the old ones are appearing to make a developer’s life easier. We’re going to talk about one of them, the MVP pattern.

5 reasons why we left IBM Bluemix platform

With the new microservices architecture patterns, existing providers of virtual machine hosting are not fulfilling the requirements on an application-based hosting anymore. Usage of containers and application runtimes is on a rise and these services provide all major players in the industry. We have been using IBM '' platform since 2015. What are our experiences so far?

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