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We have a creative in-house team, our clients can speak directly with developers, analytics or graphic designers - so the best ideas get to your app!


Mobile apps

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We have worked for individuals, start-ups and corporates. We don't just develop, we deliver a complete service - design, consultations and marketing.



mobile apps


Our mobile apps have won 3x at AppParade contest. We were awarded by IBM, Vodafone and Apple.

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Mobile aplikace
Mobile apps development

Mobile apps are our primary passion. We have completed tens of successful apps, some of them were even awarded. We develop native for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Web aplikace
Web apps development

We build web apps with atractive design and modern technologies. We create static microsites, eshops, complete information systems or for example games in HTML5. For mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

Big data
Big Data analysis

We can extract past and predict the future from your data. We are not scared by any amount of data - we work in Cassandra, Hadoop and Hive.

Our clients

AstraZeneca Eyelevel Inmite PHA Stay zmrd Czech Tourism Gorila Mobil Avast Up Fakturoid Hella PHC Dame Jidlo index.alt.estheticon_logo

Our work speaks for us

We have delivered many projests during our 3 roky years of existence. Check it out.

Black Iphone

České tradice

App for Czech Tourism agency

Gold Iphone

MFDF Jihlava

Mobile app for film festival


P.H.A., akciová společnost

Web presentation of real estate development company.

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Vývoj mobilních aplikací v době PaaS a SaaS

V minulém článku jsme si představili softwarové architekty a náplň jejich každodenní práce. Ukázali jsme si, že je u nich nejdůležitější znalost všech trendů a nejnovějších technologií. Dnešní doba se vyznačuje mimo jiné tím, že všechno kolem nás je online a internetem proudí data neskutečnou rychlostí. To umožňuje vznik systémů, které spolu v jednu chvíli navzájem komunikují, zatímco plní váš požadavek. Aniž byste si něčeho všimli.

What is a software architect and why do you need one?

App development has been a very popular topic over the last few years and as the trend shows it doesn’t appear that it will change in the near future. App development is a very young discipline and it is evolving and changing extremely quickly even for the computer field, which has been known for its fast evolving nature.

Breathe life into your messages with Textshape. New app from Ackee.

After a success with award-winning Photoshape we were thinking how to push this great idea even further. After hours and hours of brainstorming it suddenly struck us. We spent hours every day chatting with our friends on WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook etc. but what do we have at our disposal? Just boring plain text and few tiny emojis. We knew that we can do better. That we can give users new way to have fun with their friends while they're chatting.

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