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Do you want the best for your project? Both start-ups and big companies have bet on our know-how. Our clients have direct access to our creative in-house team of developers, analysts and designers, so that the best ideas can go right into their apps.

Ackee s.r.o.
Ackee s.r.o.

What we are masters in

Mobile aplikace

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are our primary passion. We have successfully developed dozens of apps for projects from different areas. We develop native apps for iOS and Android.

Web aplikace

Web App Development

We are not only website masters, we take care of what's behind them too. Our services include creating backend applications, connecting to SAP and administering full operations in Google Cloud. We start with the frontend, but that’s definitely not the end.

Big data

UI and UX design

Design aesthetics matter! Especially for apps. We will design graphics that’ll sell, all the while putting everything together to create as much of a user-friendly app environment as possible.

Our references

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Who we are

We are a team of almost 60 enthusiastic IT developers, project managers, designers and testers, all yearning to create the most beautiful and high-quality mobile and web apps in Europe since 2012. You are welcome to meet us at our offices in Karlin, Prague and Schöneberg, Berlin, at technological conferences, or at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where we give lectures.

Our Friends and Partners

Why choose us?


We build on experiences

We have been in this field for a long time, watching trends, attending conferences and regularly organizing meetings. In addition to custom development, we also train and teach at the Czech Technical University.

  1. open-source
  2. course supervisors at the university
  3. over 120 successful projects
  4. strong references
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In-house Team

Creative brains under one roof

We have a team full of talented people and professionals. What’s more, we’re all in the same space, so no bodyshopping! We know each other very well and our daily team communication is what makes our project building process work so well.

  1. quick decisions
  2. easy to communicate
  3. without outsourcing
  4. teamwork
  5. photo
New Technology

Two steps ahead

We never stop trying new technologies and thinking about their best use for our clients. For example, AR/VR is our friend, we work with a blockchain and we can deal with chatbots as well.

  1. virtual reality
  2. augmented reality
  3. blockchain technology
  4. chatbots
  5. photo
Service & Support

Quickly and personally

We live with our apps from development through to deployment and then after-care. Each particular project manager is always responsible for their specific application, falling asleep and getting up with the app no matter what.

  1. project management
  2. fast and flexible flow
  3. testing
  4. maintenance and operation
  5. photo

Our products

Check out our blog

Mobile app with SAP Cloud Platform machine learning ready in a night and a day?

German SAP had chosen Ackee as one of the five participants of a hackathon that run during the SAP CONNECT 2018 conference. The goal was to demonstrate what the teams were able…

Josef Gattermayer

Co-Founder and CIO

Integrating kin blockchain into a mobile app

Two years ago, my colleagues participated in a weekend hackathon and came up with an idea to create a Rock-Paper-Scissors game for Facebook messenger. The real-world RPS game is simple and pretty much everyone knows how to play it. The mobile app didn’t aim to add cool new ways to play the game and tried to be […]

David Khol

React Hooks – new stuff for cool kids

Have you noticed this huge buzz about React Hooks in last few days/weeks? If you are as interested in it as we are and you haven’t hesitated and have watched the Dan Abramovs’ talk (the first one ever…

Jakub Baierl

Frontend Lead

RxOAuth2: reactive OAuth approach for Android, pt. 2

TL;DR: with colleagues from Ackee we developed RxOauth2, an open source library to handle OAuth with RxJava streams. You may take a look at it directly or read this blog post (part 1 is here) to find out…

Georgiy Shur

Android Developer

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