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Why us?


Modern technologies

When developing mobile apps for Android and iOS we always use the most efficient technologies based on the specifics of the particular project. In our native tech stack you will find Kotlin as well as Swift. We also develop hybrid apps in React Native.

Experienced team

You can find our in-house team of developers, designers, testers and project managers sitting in a single area of our office, on one single floor. That makes the flow of great ideas between tables and teams seamless. Moreover, we are able to acquire the most promising talents thanks to our close cooperation with Prague CTU.


Quality first

Even the smallest projects have the luxury of UX testing, constant code reviews through merge requests, unit tests and user testing within our QA department.

Our references

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Mobile App Development

We are here to develop your requests and ideas into the best apps this world has ever seen. Your wish is our command! We are experts in mobile app development for iOS and Android. We focus on the conglomeration of a vast user interface, artistic graphics and a strong base of technical knowledge. Check out our case studies to see how we have helped the German Bundestag, ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and others.

Our mobile technologies

MongoDB Logo Icon MongoDB
Docker Logo Icon Docker
HTML5 Logo Icon HTML5
Node.js Logo Icon Node.js
React Logo Icon React
Firebase Logo Icon Firebase
Swift Logo Icon Swift
Redux Logo Icon Redux
Kotlin Logo Icon Kotlin
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Areas of our app development

Nativní nebo hybridní aplikace

Případ užití je tady šéfem

Tady neexistuje žádné univerzální pravidlo – vždy záleží na konkrétním případu užití. Nativní mobilní aplikace jsou stále prémiové řešení, které stojí za zvážení. Hybridní aplikace zase mohou být cenově příznivější, ale hodí se spíše pro jednodušší funkcionality nebo vydání na omezenější skupinu zařízení.

  1. Aplikace pro iOS
  2. Aplikace pro Android
  3. Hybridní aplikace
Android (Kotlin)

Náš parťák už pěknou řádku let

V Kotlinu vyvíjíme už od roku 2016, tedy ještě než se stal oficiálním jazykem Androidu. Tehdy jsme se do něj poprvé zamilovali a naše láska pro tenhle programovací jazyk stále trvá (sorry, ale Java je @Deprecated).

  1. Reaktivní programování
  2. Firebase
  3. Android framework
iOS (Swift)

Jsme tu už od iPhone 3 a naše první aplikace podporovaly iOS 4

Naše zkušenost s nativními aplikacemi se datuje až do pradávných dob existence prvních iPhonů. Za ty roky se toho hodně změnilo, ale my vždycky byli o krok napřed. Proto teď věříme v reaktivní programování a architekturu MVVM.

  1. Jazyk Swift
  2. Architektura MVVM
  3. ReactiveSwift
Hybridní aplikace (React Native)

Jeden kód pro obě platformy

Kolik programátorů je potřeba k vydání hybridní aplikace? Tři. I hybridní appky totiž potřebují na každé z platforem péči od vývojářů nativních aplikací, aby všechno bylo tip top. A proto máme vývojáře nativních a hybridních appek pod jednou střechou. Kvalita výstupu je pak na úplně jiné úrovni, a to i přes to, že se o kód dělí obě platformy.

  1. React Native
  2. Native fine-tuning pro iOS a Android
  3. Cenová výhodnost

Creating Web Apps

We create dynamic applications as well as extensive IT systems for hundreds of thousands users. We can design your website to be fully functional on computers, tablets or smartphones. We are here to create a user-friendly interface and thorough graphics. Take a look at our case study about a web application for one of the largest printing companies in Germany.

We use the best web technologies

HTML 5 logo HTML 5
React logo React
Node.js logo Node.js
Webpack logo Webpack
Redux logo Redux
Next.js logo Next.js
Sass logo Sass
RxJS logo RxJS
Eslint logo Eslint
Docker logo Docker
Jenkins logo Jenkins
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What are we up to?

Web apps

A sea of web possibilities

If you need your web to be something more than just a representation of a static content, go for web applications. And since we are the experts, come to us.

  1. Single page applications
  2. React, HTML5, CSS3
  3. Responsive apps

Be the boss of your web

We prepare a web administration (Content Management System) through which you can easily manage all the data in your app.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Web administration
  3. System integration

Progressive web apps

Progressive web applications (PWA) combine the best of traditional web apps and native mobile apps – they are reliable, fast, engaging and always accessible.

  1. 100% compatible
  2. Fast & efficient
  3. Offline browsing

What’s the app development process like?

Design is crucial – we are not just a developer company, we are app designers. We build up on a perfected UI and UX. One condition of creating a successful app is to have detailed technical specifications and skilled project leaders. We attach great importance to both of these.


No solid basis,
no solid app

Building an app is like building a house – each project begins with technical specification. That is the only way how it is possible to appraise the project and estimate its demands.

logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo

UX Design

An app must be
easily understandable

Our UX designers ensure that the app is easy to use and that our users are able to reach their goal without any difficulties. Everything is processed in close cooperation with the client; all outputs are regularly tested and improved later.

logo logo logo

UI Design

Design as a piece of art

Our apps are thoroughly detailed and they look modern. That is also why users like to come back to them. We don’t need to use templates, we can draw all illustrations and animations ourselves and we can tailor them to the needs of each product.

logo logo logo

App Workshop with Experts

Do you want to create an application, but you are missing a complete set of technical requirements? Clear out all your questions during one of the workshops with our most experienced specialists who have designed and developed countless successful apps. Together we will find a perfect solution for your business.

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