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A One of A Kind Bank App

Imagine the following: you are standing somewhere in the middle of the city, desperately in need of cash with no cash machine in sight. What do you do? Luckily for you, the German bank Grenke came up with a simple solution, and we transformed this clever idea into a great app.

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Innovative Solution

Together we managed to connect the world of real finance with modern technology.

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Super Security

Money and sensitive data will never be jeopardized thanks to our two-phase database security system.

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Extensive Testing

Safety goes hand in hand with testing. More than 350 test scenarios were prepared for this app.


Cash withdrawal in a drugstore? Why not.

From the beginning, we knew we would develop an innovative app that would allow the bank's clients to withdraw or deposit cash in any of their affiliate stores (eg, drogerie dm) using generated barcodes. Now how to do it: Because no such applications existed, we had to thoroughly analyze the bank’s security options and come up with the most appropriate way to display ban codes. We jumped into a survey of services that provided secure access to account data and, together with the client, chose the company finAPI.

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  • Barcode
App sample
App sample


Just a few clicks

Unlike the complicated security system, the app looks and works straightforwardly - after choosing a button for either depositing or withdrawing cash, the app generates a code for the specific amount, and the map guides you to the nearest store where you can use the code to deal with your cash. That's how easy it is. The final design was created by the client, while we fine-tuned the graphics and UX to make the application user-friendly.

  • User-friendly app
  • Simplicity first


We secure and test. A lot.

We connected the app to the banking system so that the account balance would be checked before each withdrawal. We really have not underestimated the security - the user is authenticated by using the sms code they get after being paired with the iban number on the server, after which they can log in using their fingerprint. After coding, we thoroughly tested in multiple rounds on both platforms and on several devices. Now, the app is running reliably and we are proud of our first project in the banking sector.

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Chápejte mě dobře - mít appku co Vám udělá čárovej kód je tak strašně moc husté, že to prostě chcete mít, takže koukejte stahovat nebo bude sekec mazec barelec!

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Grenke Držitel čárového kódu


Mobile app Grenke cash

You can now withdraw money without a cash machine. At least, Grenke offers this opportunity. All you need is to download the app from Ackee that runs on both Android and iOS.



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